AMV Is the Only True All-in-One!

AMV wedding photo, wedding video, wedding DJ disc jockey in Hamilton, Niagara, St Catharines, Toronto, GTA

The hardest part of planning your day is finding high quality services at an affordable price. We at AMV are proud to be able to provide you with both. This is due to the fact that we are a full time company that truly provides all 3 services.You will find other companies offering similar packages, but you will discover that they are deferring your wedding to separate companies that they have no responsibility for. We want your wedding experience to be stress free and positive. You want the most experienced and reputable company in the area.

We include a lot of intangibles:

1. Free Wedding Planning Services - The best weddings have services that help the bride organize her day and make it as stress free and efficient as possible. AMVproductions provides you with full time management staff, consisting of 4 wedding planners our staff will guarantee a refined cohesion between DJs, videographers, and photographers.
We are experts at running a seamless production that you will be proud of and your guests will be impressed with.

2. Backup/Emergency Services - Often clients in Hamilton, Toronto and Niagara book part-time photographer, videographer or DJ services that have no infrastructure or capital investment. This is an issue if anything goes wrong. If they have faulty gear then you'll have no video, photo or music. It happens every weekend to unlucky couples, you can rest assured that AMV as a full time service owns all the equipment used in your wedding.

3. An impeccable referral system - Our Photographers, Videographers and DJs have an impeccable system of referrals in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara.

4. Formal attire - We find that no matter what market we are in, professionals should always be dressed formally. No one should be embarrassed by a service provider.

What are you looking for in a professional wedding service?
  • Do they have full time office and studio staff?
  • Are the Photographer, Videographer & DJ services able to operate in Hamilton, Toronto & Niagara?
  • Do they have reputable recommendations?
  • Is their product old and outdated?
  • How many clients can they show you in their portfolio?
  • Have you actually seen their videos? Are you sure it is them?